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When the whole class or the whole grade does the same assignment at the same time, homework can be a painful prospect for all involved. Parents don't see the grades they expect because teachers don't see the work they expect because students don't have the information they need. Limited funding and high demand can sometimes restrict the amount and the quality of information available to students on any given subject.

The Leominster Public Library's Homework Alert Program offers a solution to this problem. When given advance notice, the Library can:

• Set aside a shelf of reserve materials for your students
• Obtain additional materials from other area libraries
• Suggest online resources

ImageWe have made it easy for you to contact us.
You can:
• Contact us in person,
• Contact us by phone at (978)-534-7522,
• Fax us at (978)-840-3357, OR
• E-mail the appropriate person:

   For grades 1-6:
   Sarah Chapdelaine, Head of Children's 

   For grades 7-12:
   Edward L. Bergman, Head of Adult Services

Please enter “Homework Alert” on the SUBJECT line of your e-mail.

All we need is a brief description of the assignment, the grade level(s), the starting and ending dates of the assignment, and the number of students.

Each year greater numbers of teachers in our community have taken advantage of this program. We look forward to working with you to ensure your students succeed!


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