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Library Tours can be tailored to your needs...
Storytime Tours we can read and tell stories on a topic of your choosing, such as Rainforests or Emotions. Then we can take your class on a shorter version of any of the following tours.

Library Instruction Tours we can help your students get the most out of their time at the Library by showing them how to use the Library's resources and then sending them on a grade-level-appropriate information scavenger hunt.

Library Works Tour we can show your students how their Library functions from the purchasing of materials to Technical Services to Circulation to the Administrative Offices.

In the Children’s Room, we have set aside Thursdays for school tours. It is possible, however, to book other days of the week if necessary. Tours of the Adult department may be scheduled any day of the week.

Each tour takes between 30 and 45 minutes. If the Children’s Room and the Adult Department need to coordinate efforts for a Library Instruction Tour, the tour may be slightly longer. We prefer to have no more than 30 students in a tour group. We can make accommodations for up to 60 by conducting two simultaneous tours. We will need more advance notice to accommodate double-sized groups.

The Library can provide one tour a week. Please us  well in advance to schedule a tour since available slots fill up quickly.

For grades K-6 and other children's groups contact:
Sarah Chapdelaine, Head of Children’s Services
978-534-7522 x 117

For grades 7-12 and other teen and adult groups contact:
Edward L. Bergman, Head of Adult Services
978-534-7522 x 114

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