Notice for residents of the following Massachusetts communities*  with closed or decertified libraries:
*Find a current list of non-certified communities on the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners website.

The Leominster Public Library Board of Trustees has adopted a policy to discontinue borrowing and network transfer/interlibrary loan privileges to residents of communities with closed or decertified libraries. Read the entire policy here.

This policy aims to address the issue of the fair and appropriate use of the City of Leominsterís tax dollars spent on public library services by limiting the reliance of a municipality with a closed or decertified library on the Leominster Public Library and its resources.

All Massachusetts residents, regardless of the community where they reside, may continue to use library materials in-house. This includes computer and database use. Also, our Friends group extends museum pass borrowing privileges to its Friends members, regardless of community of residence.

Your borrowing privileges are determined by where you live and not by the library that issued your card.

                                                                    December 8, 2009

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