WiFi is available at the Leominster Public Library! 

The Leominster Public Library offers free WiFi Internet access for the public.
There are no special requirements, other than that users must bring their own laptops or other devices with wireless connectivity and know how to connect to a WiFi network. The name of the network is LeoLibGuest and no password is required to connect.
In November 2016 the Library installed several new routers to boost the WiFi network's signal and provide more complete coverage within the building.  Areas that formerly lacked coverage, such as the Children's Room and the Carnegie building, now receive WiFi signal.  The signal strength is now more consistent throughout the building as well.
Users should be aware that, as with other public WiFi hotspots, our wireless network is not encrypted, nor is it connected to our printers.  For more information on public wireless network safety, see the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Information page Tips for Using Public Wi-Fi Networks

The Leominster Public Library's public WiFi Internet access service is made possible with funding from the Leominster Library Building Fund and additional donations from:

Guardian Information Technologies, Inc.


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