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The Library is closed to the public until further notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak but is offering curbside pickup services.

Staff Directory

Have a question? Need assistance using library resources? Ask a librarian! Our expert reference staff will assist you in using the library’s resources to your fullest advantage. Call us at 978-534-7522.

Looking for a specific department?

Circulation: 978-534-7522 ext 4Dr. Martin T. Feldman Children’s Room: 978-534-7522 ext 5
Cormier Center For Young Adults: 978-534-7522 ext 6Information Desk: 978-534-7522 ext 3

Staff Contacts

Sondra Murphy, Library Director

978-534-7522 x 3595

Nicole Piermarini, Assistant Director
978-534-7522 x 3597

Sarah Chapdelaine, Head of Children’s Services

978-534-7522 x 3600
May Lee Tom, Head of Technical Services

978-534-7522 x 3599
Brittany Recker, Technology and Reference Librarian

978-534-7522 x 3598
Mary Boutet, Teen Services Librarian

978-534-7522 x 3606
Diane M. Sanabria, Local History and Genealogy Librarian

978-534-7522 x 3605
Circulation Supervisor

Please contact the Circulation Desk at this time.
Ann Finch, Special Services Coordinator, Interlibrary Loan

978-534-7522 x 3593
Alyssa White, Program Coordinator

978-534-7522 x 3613

Outreach Coordinator

Please contact the Assistant Director at the time.
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